Construction Container

Call the Rolloff division On The Go at 636-828-5929 or 636-272-5490.

Container Size Limit Dimensions (H x W x L) Price
10 Yard*3 tons3' x 7' x 12'$235
15 Yard3 tons4' x 7' x 14'$265
20 Yard4 tons4' x 7' x 22'$295
30 Yard4 tons6' x 7' x 22'$345
40 Yard5 tons8' x 7' x 22'$395

*Largest container we will deliver for concrete, dirt and rock jobs.

  • Overweight charge: $40 per ton
  • Dumpsters rent for 7 days
  • Payments Accepted: Cash or Check on delivery or MasterCard/Visa/Discover in advance
  • 10 yard clean fill dumpster - $235.00
  • No tires, hazardous material, appliances or yard waste can be mixed with the trash. The dumpsters can only be filled level full.
  • Yard waste dumpsters are regular price unless there are stumps in the load
  • Prices good for:
    • St. Louis City & County
    • St. Charles County
    • Parts of Lincoln County
    • Parts of Franklin County
    • Parts of Jefferson County
  • If a dumpster is in St. Louis City on the street, a permit number is needed if it is not in a driveway